Sunday, October 31, 2010


moved.. to austin, TX. to here..


Monday, December 29, 2008


There are only a few days left before the end of the year, it felt appropriate to post something.

Though Im not quite sure what.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

some painting fun

and colour / high key fooling around.

it always comes back to the light.

for me, anyway.
in everything I draw or paint its the one aspect that ruins me or I think over too much. Its definately not a negative, but its something that fascinates me so much, to the point it is almost obsessive. (this my anaglyphic lino and obsession with the whole concept of such) There are certain places that amaze me, and things which can hold my gaze for far longer than most; ...
water pools, puddles, drops, on glass or metal
man made reflective/ractive materials
and most of all.. aurora.. (which I am yet to see, but one day will)
so.. if at any stage during my painting drawing experimenting etc I come across an effect created by light and its wonderfully playful ways.. I'll spend hours days weeks whatnot, looking and trying to understand why, and how to duplicate it.
Last year it was a dry pigment and pastel obssession. Because of this;

The photos are mobile phone pics, so the quality is crappy. But the way the wet paints sat so differently to the dry pigments, the different colours and their composition really fascinted me, and I loved the idea that I could actually add dimension using this concept. That a flat image was actually interesting at all angles, not just a 90' one. That it could be entirely more fulfilling for me to create imagery that was multi faceted withouht being three dimensional in form.

There are a bunch of articles about the properties of certain pigments and mediums relating to their light reflection and refraction properties, and tbh completely interests me because I am a massive nerd. And as always.. my moth like ways just love the light and the beautiful things it does.. (structural colours)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Artist books, and travel.

This website is pretty neat. You can mark off places you've been. It'd be nice if I could have different coloured dots for where I'd like to go though

wolpy map

My artist books (we're doing some in my printing class also) are moving along.. interestingly. At the moment I'm cutting out little blocks from cardboard wheels. They'll be mounted on to a handle, and transparent slides glued between. Hopefully it will give a nice little short 'clip' effect when spun.

I'm also starting to create some 'junk' books. My mind is often obsessed with apocolyptic style world fantasies.. mad max, tank girl, insert tens of other appropriate films.. and after yesterday's artist forum with Lloyd Godman ( who spoke to us last year so I was kind of hoping he'd talk about some of his other works but he spoke about all the same ones.. ) I was even more motivated to create books that could come from such an era. When the only products we'd have access to would be junk, found objects. For the sake of ease I am allowing myself a glue gun.. although to be honest I doubt I'd be having the power to run it. So the concept is somewhere between fantasy and forecast reality.

will post pics soon.

Friday, July 18, 2008

oh and also

damien frost is a pretty rad guy and artist type. he has a bunch of websites, check them out or google him if you like.

he has a new project happening. for arty types. join if you want. much fun and communal image generating. here's the link.